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along the line (2008)

During my residency at OBORO in Montreal, I continued my experiments with space filling curves (SFCs) in new media installations. SFCs have an interesting theoretical background. Their core property is to linearize high dimensional content, thereby keeping vicinity relationships. The resulting installation, an abstract visual and acoustic stream, combines linear representations of a life video image with the central perspective. The acoustic part of the installation is directly related to the structural properties of SFCs and plays with the notion of space and time in sound.
My interest in SFCs started some years ago. In the collected links on the left you can find an essay about SFC, which I presented in 2007 at the Mutamorphosis conference in Prague. So far I mainly used SFCs in the field of sonification, find more in the proceedings of the ICAD conference 2007 in Montreal.

The installation was implemented in PD/GEM and SuperCollider.Special thanks to Mathieu Bouchard and IOhannes Zmölnig.