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... als hilbert merkte,
dass der morgen dämmerte ... (2007)

Shows images projected onto the floor. These images are scanned through little sections of space filling curves. In this installation I use a space filling curve known as the Hilbert line. This line is a meandering structure that covers the entire surface without ever intersecting itself. Scanning an image along the Hilbert line ensures that the scan progresses locally and that the “gestalt” of color fields are well preserved in the sequences of the sound domain. Wherever the image is scanned, its colors, RGB (red, green, blue), and their mixtures, yellow, turquoise, purple, are translated into a mixture of six sounds. The sound is located in space where the corresponding Hilbert line segment can be found in the image. The RGB values from the line segments are further used to generate comb filters that are applied onto the sound mixtures. For the sound playback, I had the opportunity to use the „Klangdom“, an array of 40 speakers, in the „Kubus“at the ZKM in Karlsruhe on the occasion of the open day on January 6th, 2007. Kids particularly enjoyed the installation, as documented in the link to the slideshow on the left.

The project was developed with the open source software Pure Data and GEM.

Special thanks to Gilles Gobeil for the sound samples, to Tamar Tembeck for discussing the visual concept, further to Olivia Toffolini and Frank Halbig, and to Mathieu Bouchard for help with the GEM programming.