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Intermittent (2006)
develloped together with Claudia Robles

... is an audio-visual installation consisting of one video projection and a four-channel audio setup with one subwoofer (4.1). The speakers are arranged in a quadratic setup depending on the given exhibition space. The video and sound material is looping permanently, and is controlled by a dynamical system in the background.
The behavior of the background dynamics, or logistic map, is one of the simplest dynamical systems to exhibit complex motion: x[n+1] = a x[n] (1 – x[n])
The time evolution of this map is controlled by a, the so-called bifurcation parameter. By varying this parameter, it is possible to explore a multiplicity of different motion patterns ranging from simple periodic oscillations to non-periodic behavior, which is also known as deterministic chaos.
For Intermittent, we have selected a phenomenon called intermittency from this rich set of dynamic behaviors. Intermittency is a motion pattern that alternates between ordered periodic oscillations and outbreaks into chaotic movements. To obtain such behavior from the logistical map, the parameter a has to be set to 3.8283, a value that is just at the border between chaos and order. These alternating intervals of periodic and chaotic motions have unpredictable lengths. This is an important feature of deterministic chaos: structures, which are often easily recognizable, also contain an unpredictable element.
Any oscillation are mapped onto an interval of frames within a video file. This interval loops slowly through the whole video. Any new value x[n+1] from the logistic function makes the movie jump to a certain position within the interval, where the movie continues to play ...->